Интервью: режиссер Мэттью Карри Холмс рассказывает о "Проклятии Бакаут-роуд"

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Describe Buckout Road in three words.

Fun Supernatural Thriller

What is the most interesting thing you can tell us about the upcoming movie?

Buckout Road is a REAL place. It’s the home to over a dozen Urban Legends… many of them terrifying.

Do you find it really scary?

It’s more mysterious than scary. There are scary things for sure but for the most part it’s more of a puzzle that needs solving.

What are the sources of inspiration for movie?

Buckout Road is a real stretch of road in upstate New York that I mentioned is the home to more than a dozen urban legends, some. I wondered what kind of road would have this much evil in it and decided that would make a fun movie. The urban legends are after these kids because they refuse to believe the legends are true. It’s like they pissed off Evil and now Evil itself is out to get them.

Tell us about other members of cast and crew.

Dominique Provost-Chalkey was wonderful. She’s a strong actress with a wide rage of emotion and a real pleasure to work with. I think she’s going to be a huge star. The twins (Kyle Mac and Jim Watson) have played brothers before so it was easy for them to assume that role. They are very funny in the movie and give the audience much needed comic relief. And, of course Evan Ross was a real pro. When he’s connected on screen it’s magical!

There are two famous actors starring in Buckout Road - Danny Glover and Colm Feore. What was it like working with them?

Amazing. When working with actors of that caliber it makes my job so much easier. All I really need to do is get out of the way and make sure the camera is in focus. Both Colm and Danny brought huge depth and range to their characters. They were so prepared, at one point Colm even suggested he say a line in a different way so it’ll foreshadow a scene later in the film; a scene that he wasn’t even in! Colm knew the script so well. Having that kind of professionalism is a real blessing. When you’re directing a movie, there are so many moving parts, working with actors of Colm Feore and Danny Glover’s calibre made it easy for me because I didn’t have to worry wether or not they would deliver, because they always did and I was free to concentrate on other facets of the shot like composition and lighting. I was spoiled, to say the least.

Tell us a bit about other future projects you are involved in.

We (producers John Gillespie, Brad Clark and I) are in the final stages of developing a fun Vampire horror film called Self Storage . It’s about a rag tag group of young people who are trapped in a giant self storage facility with an ancient vampire and his minions. They have to band together and defeat the vampire before the sun goes down and the vampire can escape. It’s like Lost Boys meets Shaun Of The Dead. Lots of fun, lots of Star Wars references and comic book references… basically everything I love in life! We’ve entered the screenplay in a number of competitions to see if there’s an appitite for this kind of movie and to our delight, we’ve already won or been a finalist at a number of festivals. So that’s nice. The plan is to start filming early next year. Fingers crossed.

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