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Friday The 13th: Blood and Water Free Download

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How To Play

For the proper effect of the game,

Play with the LIGHTS DOWN and the AUDIO UP.

-----------HOW TO INSTALL-------------------

- Downlaod ZIP file from link above

- Save to your computer

- Run EXE.

- (EXE. file and DATA file must be together)

----------HOW TO PLAY HINTS-----------------

- Explore the camp and collect the highlighted items.

- Those items are used to gain access to locked areas. (Rooms, Cabins)

- The game play is based around the "Slender" series.

- Avoiding Jason is the key to survival.

- Getting trapped by him or even looking at him too long will cause your

fear meter to go up, and you will lose the game.

- You're safest inside cabins and away from windows.

- The crowbar and pitchfork are used ONLY to break down doors or boards.


This game is intended to be completely non-profit and free to all users.

Please do not attempt to sell or redistribute this game without the written permission of JC POWELL.

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