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Tantal. Текст песни Confession

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Our mind is dead long time ago,

All against us, but we must go

Being dared above death, all the same

Eventually we will fail!

All our feelings are only hate,

We kill each other. We are lost.

And blood flows down over my face,

Embrace of death freezes till the bones.

Why do we live? Who let us know?

Why do we die? Why do we born?

We live with hope, to see the light

And die in the prime of life.

Seconds suck the life from us,

Run forward, stealing the final hour.

Walking to death day after day

We will all die! So, pray!

In our blind eyes dreams have faded,

Words in the silent lips have dead,

The souls want to find right way

But they were sold, we can't be saved.

There is no freedom! We are slaves

Of our destiny and hate.

Walking to death day after day

We will all die! So, pray!

Rumble of chains,

Groans and pain!

Desperate cries,

Faith is denied!

The terrible world,

Covered by blood!

Our waste life was spent,

Death is the end...of all!

We need to kill, in blood we trust,

The meaning of the life was lost,

You'll never understand it all.

I can not bear it, and I call for death!

Call for death.

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